Service of Audi A4 from 2001 to 2005 release.
1. Operation and maintenance of the car
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
4.1. Wheels and tires
4.1.1. General information on wheels and tires
4.1.2. Specifications for re-equipment of disks and tires
4.1.3. Indexes of speed of tires
4.1.4. Marking on disks
4.1.5. Compound disks
4.1.6. Wear and hodimost of tires
4.1.7. Wear of high-speed tires
4.1.8. Service of tires
4.1.9. Evenly worn-out tires
4.1.10. Measurement of height of the drawing of a protector
4.1.11. Unilateral wear
4.1.12. Diagonal uneven wear
4.1.13. Noise of swing of tires
4.1.14. Balancing
4.1.15. Radial and side beating of wheels and tires
4.1.16. Check of a radial and side beating of a disk with the tire by means of the indicator of hour type for tires V.A.G 1435
4.1.17. Minimization
4.1.18. Side withdrawal of the car
4.1.19. Elimination of side withdrawal
4.1.20. Damages of tires
4.1.21. Design of the radial tire
4.1.22. Loss of pressure of air in tires
4.1.23. Damages of tires because of mistakes when mounting (assembly damages)
4.1.24. Marking of a sidewall of the tire
4.1.25. Shift of wheels
4.1.26. Instructions on replacement and installation of wheels
4.1.27. Change of tires
4.1.28. Removal and installation of the case of the metal gate
4.2. General information about a running gear of the car
4.3. Repair of a suspension bracket of forward wheels
4.4. Back suspension bracket
4.5. Tables
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment


4.1.1. General information on wheels and tires

Tires are hi-tech production which was calculated for service conditions of modern cars.
As well as at any other hi-tech production, care, leaving and service here too is necessary. Only in that case it is possible to guarantee that safety, the resource and comfort of driving will be provided throughout all service life of the tire.
Tires strongly depend on constantly developing process. At the expense of modern designs, production technologies and constant control of quality high-quality tires are made. All allowed Audis of the tire were checked by department of technical development and at cooperation with producers of tires paid off for the corresponding type of the car.
Therefore we recommend to mount always when replacing tires the allowed and recommended tire products.
Safety of the car has the highest importance. Considering various service conditions, such as:
– various ranges of speeds;
– winter and summer operation;
– crude or dry paving;
– compromise, optimum for traffic safety, has to be reached.
During operation and over time each tire is exposed to many various loadings. Therefore it is important that basic conditions for optimum operation of tires were satisfied.
The correct adjustment of angles of installation of wheels is one of the major conditions to reach optimum service life of the tire. Therefore the angles of installation of wheels by all means have to be in the ordered admission range.

The reasons of damages of tires and claims can be different. Therefore it is very important to distinguish that became the reason of the claim of the tire or other details.
With normal wear of the tire its performance data change. There can be noise from swing and not smoothness of the course. These phenomena are not considered as defects of tires, and are accompanying wear. They can be eliminated with purposeful measures, at least partially. In certain cases it will not be possible to eliminate noise of the movement for 100%.

4.1. Wheels and tires

4.1.2. Specifications for re-equipment of disks and tires