Service of Audi A4 from 2001 to 2005 release.
1. Operation and maintenance of the car
1.1. General information
1.2. Keys, locks of doors
1.3. Governing bodies, combination of devices and equipment of interior of the car
1.4. Seats and means of passive safety
1.5. Conditioning and heating
1.5.1. System of heating and ventilation
1.5.2. Deflectors
1.5.3. Mode of supply of fresh air
1.5.4. Conditioner
1.5.5. Governing bodies of a konditsoner
1.5.6. Autonomous heater and fan
1.5.7. Management of the menu of an autonomous heater
1.6. Driving and service of the car
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment


1.5.3. Mode of supply of fresh air

In the control option described below via stitched deflectors 3 and 4 not heated fresh air arrives.
Key of the + fan set the necessary mode.
Key of regulation of temperature "-" on "MIN". Open stitched deflectors 3 and 4.

1.5.2. Deflectors

1.5.4. Conditioner